St. Pauls Cooperative Winery

The St. Pauls Cooperative Winery was founded in 1907. The history of the Praeclarus begins in 1979, when the first bottles were preserved in an old military bunker. Already in those days people knew about the optimal conditions for the maturation of the sparkling wine in these walls. Ca. 35 years later Wolfgang Tratter, winemaker, and his team have created the new Praeclarus. The grapes for the base wine come from selected locations on deep limestone soil and at an altitude over 500 m a.s.l., ideal conditions for the production of the sparkling base wine. 

St. Pauls Cooperative Winery
Via Castel Guardia 21
39057 San Paolo/Appiano
Tel. +39 0471 662183

Cellar master Wolfgang Tratter
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