In 1979, Arunda, as the only winery in Alto Adige, begins with the exclusive production of sparkling wine. The tasks of the Reiterer family are split. Josef made a name for himself at a young age as an oenologist in Italy. He continues to use his acquired knowledge in his own company. Marianne, the soul of the sparkling wine cellar and even a sommelier, takes care of the composition of sparkling wines with her fine nose. Son Michael is the creative head of the family. Through further education he always brings fresh ideas to the winery. In Meltina, at an altitude of 1,200 meters a.s.l. there are optimal conditions for the maturation and storage of the sparkling wine and make the winery the highest sparkling wine cellar in Europe. Each of the 10 different sparkling wines has its own character. The base wines come from Terlano, Oltradige and the clay soils above Salorno.

Via Prof. Josef Schwarz 18
39010 Meltina
Tel +39 0471 668033

Josef Reiterer
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