The beginnings

South Tyrolean sparkling wine has a long tradition. It’s confirmed that since the beginning of the 20th Century sparkling wine has been produced according to the classical bottle fermentation process. It’s not sure if South Tyrolean Champagne, as it was called then, was already produced at the end of the 19th Century, according to historical lore, to the solace of the aristocrats on holiday in the countryside.

Probably at that time at least people were experimenting with sparkling wines. The first strong evidence for a South Tyrolean sparkling wine can be found in 1902, when the Überetscher champagne winery in Appiano pressed Riesling grapes according to the classic Champagne method. In 1911, it is celebrated as "Überetscher Gold" at the Bolzano Wine Tasting Premiere and encourages other wineries to produce the noble beverage.

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